The temperature in Budapest is increasing day by day, it usually reaches 23-24°C by the end of May. There still are a few thunderstorms in spring but don’t worry if it rains during your visit, as you can still have a wonderful time in Budapest. There are plenty of things to do in Budapest in May, ranging from shooting activities, through thermal bath till open-air parties. You can definitely find the type of activity you and your group prefer.

Things to do in Budapest in May – Outdoor activities

Budapest outdoors

The weather in May allows travelers to enjoy the numerous outdoor programs the Hungarian capital city has to offer. You can explore the parks within the city or you can go a little bit further and hike in the surrounding mountains. Moreover, if you visit Hungary for at least 5-6 six, you definitely need to visit the Danube band and Visegrád, which are real treasures not so far from Budapest. For now, let’s only concentrate on the ones you can do without leaving the premises of the city.

Private gun shooting

You can feel like a real action-film hero by shooting with some heavy-weight weapons. Let the instructors take you to a nearby shooting range, where you are allowed to try several different guns. Enjoy this unique manly experience for 2-3 hours. Some of the guns you can try are AK 47 – SA58 – AMD65; MCM – Ruger; Cz 75 – Glock17; Taurus 357; Remington 870 Tactical; SKS. You will be able to wash down the excitement after the shooting with a free round of beer or wine but after the shooting only.


Take your company team or your friends to a fun paintball fight, where you can work off the extra energy left after strolling in a few museums in Budapest. This amazing activity lets you unhinge the inner child of yours, as hiding from your opponents, rolling on the floor and running in the woods with a gun has been the subject of our childhood imagination. Suit up in army-green camouflage clothes and gear up with a rapid-firing paintball gun and enjoy the high-level of adrenaline in your body. Don’t let this opportunity to slip away when visiting Budapest in May.

Thermal Baths

As you may already know Budapest is the capital of thermal baths, which is favored by thousands of locals and tourists alike. Year by year tens of thousands of people visit Budapest only because of its hot thermal bats, that have a positive effect on your skin, body, and soul. The most famous thermal baths are the Szechenyi Bath, the Gellert Bath, Rudas and Kiraly Baths.

Things to do in Budapest in May – indoor programs

Wine tasting

There is no doubt, that all those people who visit Hungary need to taste the wines of the local wineries and the beer and pálinka from local breweries. If you are fond of red, white and rosé wine, it is time to reserve a wine tasting experience within the city of Budapest.  However, if you choose to, you can also visit a winery in the countryside. This activity usually takes for 1-4 hours, which depends on where you would like to go, and how many types of wine your group would like to try out.

Unforgettable parties

Budapest has an amazing nightlife, which provides an unforgettable experience for all those party-goers, who want to experience the lifestyle of the country they are staying in. The Hungarian capital is famous for its nightlife, pub crawls, concerts, and festivals. If you leave your hotel, you don’t need to go more than 2-3 blocks away to find a ruin pub or a fancy club. Not to mention the fact, that the Hungarian drink prices are extremely favorable for foreign visitors.

Things to do in Budapest in March

International Comic Book Festival

The international comic book festival is going to be held in Budapest on the 12th of May, in the Durer Kert. This International event is a really must-go activity for all those locals and travelers who like current or older comic books and mangas. If you are into this kind of art and entertainment, don’t forget to visit this venue during your stay in Hungary.

The list of these activities will help you to spice up your Hungarian holiday, and to give a few extraordinary programs to your usual sightseeing itinerary. Check out our other articles on the website for more interesting and insightful articles about things to do in Budapest.