Budapest in June brings a lot of shiny days, which is favored by those who like to spend some time outdoors, and attend several festivals, programs, and activities. Usually, Budapest is a popular destination for stag do weekends, and stag parties, due to the exuberant choice of stag do activities. Let’s see what things to do in Budapest in June!

Things to do in Budapest in June: Budapest summer festivals

There are so many open-air parties, spa parties, and festivals during summer in the Hungarian capital. If you visit this city during this time of the year you will have a great choice of activities to choose from.

Czech Beer Festival in the City Hall Park

The Checz Republic is world-famous for its craft beer, it is not a surprise that there is a dedicated summer festival to this alcoholic drink in Hungary as well. This is an annual event which is held for a weekend, usually in the middle of June. Those who visit will have an opportunity to taste craft beers from Checz breweries, although there is also a wide variety of Hungary beer as well.

Checz beer festival

Budapest festivals: Night of the Museums

The Night of the Museum is also an annual event, which is held on the 22nd of June. During this night all Hungarian Museums are waiting for visitors with longer opening hours. Those who are interested can enter even the most famous museums at a fraction of the usual cost, or sometimes even for free. There are some art lovers, who dedicate this night for “museum crawling” when they visit the museums one by one and admire the exhibitions at a cheap price.

Things to do in Budapest in June: Parties

Summer is the perfect season for open-air parties. On many weekends, the Szecéhenyi bath in the city center is open during the night and welcomes the party-goers with the most recent dance, and electro music, laser show, and of course, hot pools. Can you imagine anything else that is more relaxing, and more fun than this night activity in the heart of the Hungarian capital? We cannot.

The Budapest nightlife is getting more vibrant as summer approaches. You can see more and more youngsters and tourists walking on the streets during the night, who go to their favorite ruin pubs, clubs, or house parties. You can also immerse yourself into the nightlife of Budapest. Go on a pub crawl, taste craft beers, and the strongest Hungarian spirit, pálinka. Don’t forget about the concerts that take place in the city.

Stag do Activities

If you are on a stag do weekend, or a hen do weekend in Budapest during summer and looking for some exciting things to do, you are at the right place. This city offers so many adventures for the bride or the groom and their friends.

What can you do to have an unforgettable weekend?

As you can see, there are so man things to do in Budapest in June! Don’t hesitate to book your flight and accommodation, because this will be the holiday or weekend of your lives.