We can state that Budapest is one of the most well-known party capitols of Europe. If you want to spice up your sightseeing trip, and looking for things to do in Budapest in April, you are in the right place. You can choose from numerous outdoor or indoor activities. Don’t worry, this journey to Hungary will definitely be memorable for you and your whole company.

Easter in Budapest

If you want to experience the unique experience of the Hungarian Easter festivities, visit Hungary around the 20th and 22nd of April.

The Hungarian traditions

Hungarian people are still following the inherited traditions of their ancestors. At this time of the year, women and girls stay at home and prepare food and buy chocolate eggs for the men and boys in the family. The boys are going from home to home to visit their female relatives and sprinkle them with perfume in the hope a meal, alcohol, some money or chocolate.

Other things to do in Budapest in April around Easter

Visit the Vajdahunyad Castle Easter Fair, to see handmade goods and to taste some typically Hungarian wine and pálinka. The Vajdahunyad Castle worth a visit on its own, but coupled with this seasonal event it offers a great experience.

Are you a music-lover, who is looking for musical and artistic things to do in Budapest in April? There are plenty of concerts in the city that you can attend. Ranging from the Gypsy Band through Soul and R&B, to Hungarian Folk Dance Show, you can find one you will definitely love.

The Spring Festival on Vorosmarty Square is superb event to visit in Budapest in April, when the weather is fine. Apart from the above mentioned selection of Hungarian spirits and other drinks, you can taste other specialties, like hurka and kolbász, which are a kind of hand-made salami, made from pork and other seasoning. You will have a chance to taste the Gulash soup, Lángos, which is a savory snack with cheese and usually garlic. Moreover, meet with local artisans, who are selling their hand-made goods in the market.

Explore Budapest from a beerbike

Beer bikes are extremely popular nowadays among tourists and locals alike. You can explore the city in a fairly active way, as you need to actually pedal to move the bike around. While doing your easy daily cardio, you can also fuel the engine, thus yourself, with tasty craft beer and wine. When renting a beer bike, you can also hire a beautiful hostess to tap the beer for you and your friends. Isn’t it an extraordinary way of sightseeing?

Play bubble football with your friends

As the weather is getting better and better in April, you will have a chance to enjoy many outdoor programs. Bubble soccer is a hilarious outdoor activity, it can also be a sport if you like. Just jump into the inflatable bubble, and try to play soccer the usual way, just with a funny twist. You can bump into your opponents or turn around with the ball without hurting yourself. Read more about bubble football here.

Attend bath parties around the city

Budapest is also famous for its outdoor and indoor thermal baths. However, these baths are not only for relaxation or recuperation, but when the weather is fine, you can attend insane weekly baths parties. During these event, the venues are waiting for the party-goers with longer opening hours, super music, and special lighting effects. Check out the upcoming parties in the Szechenyi Bath.

Hungary is the perfect country to go to in spring, as there are many things to do in Budapest in April. Don’t wait for the April weather to get better, as this city has to offer you so many activity options to choose from.