This extraordinary buildup is one of the most well-known capitol buildings on the world. Moreover, it happens to be the third biggest all around the globe. If you already had enough party in Budapest, and you are looking for a cultural activity, you cannot miss this one. Read this article if you would like to know more about its history, function and activities it provides today.

The history of the Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament is situated right next to the Danube river in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th district. Its construction started in 1885, based on the plans of Imre Steindl, who is a famous architect in Europe. The whole building was built in baroque and eclectic style, however the minute details show the signs of neo-Gothicism. It was an important aspect during its construction to use only Hungarian materials to boost the economy at the same time. The only exceptions are the 8 6-meter-high marble columns next to the main stairs, as those were brought here from Sweden.

Hungarian Parliament

The central dome is 96 meters high, which symbolizes the first millennium of the settlement of the Magyars in Hungary, which dates back to 896. It has 365 smaller towers, which stands for each day in a year. The capitol has also been a victim of World War II. and the Revolution of 1956, as dozens of bullet-holes were visible on the outside of the building. During a reconstruction in 2013, the architects renovated these parts, but left behind a small area around a few windows that look towards the Kossuth Square, to remind us to its difficult history. The Parliament has become a member of the World-heritage sites in 2011.

The function of the Parliament in Budapest today

The Hungarian capitol building gives home to the Hungarian parliament, that assembles in the lower house, which is in the Southern part of the building. The upper house is open for tourists, conferences and special receptions. There has been a major renovation on the Danube-facing side of the building. They finished it in 2009, after 21 long years of renewal.

Budapest parliament

Activities waiting for you in the Hungarian capitol

Since 2000, the original coronation jewelry can be found in the capitol building. The Saint Crown, the Imperial orb and the Scepter are all exhibited here, open for tourists. All year round, almost 700.000 visitors would like to get a glimpse of the Hungarian Parliament building from the inside. You will have a chance to book a guided tour during your travels in Budapest in the Visitor Center at the northern-part of Kossuth Square. You can book your guided tour and purchase a ticket on the official website. It worth a visit if your hotel is somewhere nearby, as there are many famous hotels in the area, not to mention the delicious food offers if the 5th district.

Sights to see inside

In the earlier salon of the President of the Hungarian Republic, you can find the most beautiful mahogany furniture decorated with the world-famous Hungarian Zsolnay china. Furthermore, in the Munkácsy-room, named after one of the greatest Hungarian artists Mihály Munkácsy, you can see the original piece of his greatest paintings about the settlement of Magyars in the Carpathian Basin. Moreover, many rooms and columns are covered in 22-24k gold, which is a breathtaking sight all by itself.

All things considered, if you are a history-lover and would like to have sneak-peek into the finest of Hungarian architecture, we definitely recommend you to visit the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. It offers many adventures, historical and cultural insights into the formation of the Hungarian nation. If you only would like to admire the building from a distance, you should go to the other, Buda-side of the Danube for a mesmerizing view.