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Sziget Festival Budapest 2019

Sziget festival 2019

If you are fond of huge parties, today’s biggest artists and want to have an unforgettable blast that lasts for 7 days, you must visit Sziget festival in Budapest in 2019.

The event closed with a record attendance of 556 thousand visitors last year. The organizers are expecting even more fun-lovers in 2019. Sziget festival has huge popularity among Hungarians and citizens of other European countries, but also there are people who come to Europe only because of this event.

Sziget festival location and name

The Sziget festival lineup is getting stronger and stronger every year, which outstrips numerous other music events in the region. Apart from the outstanding lineup, the location of the Sziget festival in Budapest gives an additional excitement-factor to the whole event. This all happens on an island, more precisely on the Obuda island, situated in the middle of the Danube river. This is how the music festival got its name, as “sziget” means island in Hungarian. It is no hyperbole that this is the best music festival in Hungary and Central-, Eastern-Europe.

The history of the Sziget festival in Budapest

For the first time, they have held concerts on the Obuda island in 1980 and 1981. Later in 1991, they celebrated the secession of the Soviet army from Hungary with a series of concerts, at that time there were only Hungarian performers. The first attempt to establish a real festival started in 1993, it was called Student Island and its slogan was ” We need a week together!”. After that, from 1996 until 2001 the music festival operated with the name of Pepsi Sziget, and it finally got its today well-known name, Sziget festival, in 2002.

Previously, the majority of the performers were alternative and rock-style bands, and only after the 2000’s it became an event encompassing all genres. By 2009, it reached almost 400.000 attendees and now in 2019, they are aiming again to break the record.

Last year in 2018, they have spent HUF 1 billion (GBP 2,8 million or USD 3,5 million) on headliners, who were Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey, Mumford & Sons, Dua Lipa, Kygo and Arctic Monkeys. This year they are increasing their budget for headliners by half a billion Forints.

Music festival programs

Ranging from families, teenagers, hipsters, gangstas, single ladies, elderly, party animals and adventure-seekers, you can find all kinds of people on the spot. The reason for this is not only the strong lineup that lists world-famous artists but the programs you can attend during the day. These programs are: party boat, cinemas, theatres, circus, competitions, arts and crafts activities, different relaxation opportunities etc. Not to mention that the cream of the Hungarian hand-made and fast food industry moves to the island in cute food trucks to cater to those who became hungry while attending vast program opportunities.

Green Sziget

What is more, there is constant internet access on the location. The organizers also put great emphasis on environmentally-friendliness, so many green organizations can be found on the Obuda island during Sziget festival. Starting from this year, within the boundaries of the “Love Revolution” movement, they are emphasizing the environment even more. You can purchase reusable cups, or turn it into a token and use it in any bar when you need it. They also declare that straws are extremely harmful to the environment, so bartenders will only give them on request. Moreover, with the use of the Hungarian electricity provider, all sanitary facilities and the reception will be powered by solar energy.

Sziget festival 2019

Sziget tickets

You can purchase your Sziget tickets or season passes on the official website. Hurry up, because there are already day-passes which are sold out! Did you know that if you are a student, who has a valid international student card, you can have a student discount for the 7-day season ticket?

And now, let’s talk about the Sziget festival lineup in 2019!

As not the complete lineup is posted yet, we will come back to this article and update it as soon as we know more about the artists.

Here is the current Sziget festival lineup:

Wednesday (August 7) Day 0:

  • Ed Sheeran-UK
  • Kodeline-IRE
  • The Blaze-F
  • Razorlight-UK
  • Jain-F
  • Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls-UK
  • Of Mice & Men-USA
  • Fakear-F

Thursday (August 8):

  • The 1975-UK
  • Richard Ashcroft-UK
  • Franz Ferdinand-UK
  • Pale Waves-UK
  • Tove Styrke-S
  • Elderbrook-UK
  • Yungblud-UK
  • Welshly Arms-USA

Friday (August 9):

  • Martin Garrix-NL
  • Tove Lo-S
  • Yeasayer-USA
  • Xavier Rudd-AUS
  • Gang of Youth-AUS
  • Hucci-NZ
  • Anna of the North-N

Saturday (August 10):

  • James Blake-UK
  • Son Lux-USA
  • Richie Hawtin-UK/CAN
  • Wanda-A
  • W&W-NL
  • Roosevelt-D
  • Tamino-B

Sunday (August 11):

  • Post Malone-USA
  • Years and Years-UK
  • Jungle-UK
  • Parcels-AUS
  • Masego-JAM
  • Protoje and the Indiggnation-JAM
  • Vini Vici-ISR

Sziget festival lineup 2019

Monday (August 12):

  • Florence+The Machine-UK
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen-UK
  • Maribou State-UK
  • Yellow Days-UK
  • Superorganism-UK
  • Boy Pablo-N
  • Carnage-USA

Tuesday (August 13):

  • Foo Fighters-USA
  • Twenty One Pilots-USA
  • Idles-UK
  • Alma-FIN
  • Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes-UK
  • Sigala-UK
  • Valera-UK

Are you ready to have a blast at Sziget festival in Budapest? We are sure that you can find many other attractions and activities outside the premises of the festival. If you arrive with a bunch of your friends, we recommend you to try bubble soccer during the day, which is an extremely funny extreme sport.

Most of all, if you planning to have a drink outside of the Obuda island, you should familiarize yourself with the prices of the city. As a result, you can plan your budget for the whole Hungarian trip well ahead.

If you already considered visiting Sziget festival in Budapest, or if you just got to know about it due to this article, it is time for you to try it. If you visit the music festival this year, you are definitely going to be part of something special, something big, and of course, a new record in the history of Sziget.

Activities in Budapest in March

Things to do in Budapest in march

There is a wide-range of fun activities that you can do in Budapest in March. From concerts through festivals and parties to craft beer tasting, this city is the best choice if you are looking for outstanding activities to spend your holiday with. It doesn’t matter if you spend here 2 days or a week, you won’t get bored, that we can promise.

Things to do in Budapest in March

The city offers you a vast amount of programs for all kinds of tourists. You will definitely find your favorite past-time activities no matter what your interests are.

Outdoor programs

As the weather in March is still unpredictable, sometimes you can expect some snow or rain, but if you are lucky, you might not need your jacket at all. If the capricious weather allows you, you can spend the majority of your time outdoors.

cycling in budapest in march

Cycling in Budapest

Going on a bike tour allows you to explore the city in a fun and extraordinary way. If you are a sports lover and do not want to miss your daily training, you can easily combine vacation and your active lifestyle by this opportunity. Budapest offers more than 200 kilometers of bike routes, that criss-cross all around the city center. You can explore some  gems in the city, like the Margaret Island and the Buda hills by bike for sure.

Beerbike – an extraordinary activity to spice up your holiday

Have you heard about the beerbike before? Well, it is a very popular thing to do in Budapest if you want to explore the city with your friends, while you can tap and taste some delicious Hungarian craft beer. If you don’t want to get your eyes off of the sights around you, you can also hire a hostess to tap beer for your team.

Activities for adrenaline junkies

Would you like to spend your time in an exciting way? If you are an adventure-lover, then Budapest has plenty of activities to offer. Near the Hungarian capital city you can drive tanks, quads and go-karts. It has shooting ranges and paintball fields for the though ones. Are you one of them?

tank driving in Budapest

Spring and Easter festival

The biggest market and festival is located in the heart of Budapest, on Vörösmarty Square, where the annual Christmas market is taking place as well. This is a 4 week long festivity around the end of March and the beginning of April. You can try many traditional Hungarian food and drink, link chimney cake, lángos and gulyás soup, or you can heat up yourself with a shot of pálinka, a glass of wine or craft beer. Moreover, you can purchase many handmade Hungarian items.

Indoor activities

If the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy the outdoors programs offered in Budapest in March, you don’t have to worry, as there are many other stuff to do.


Do you like magic tricks, acrobats and exceptional talents? The Hungarian Great Circus in Budapest is a must-see if you are fond of this entertainment type. They are having seasonal performances in parallel with unique, one-time shows. There is a special ongoing performance with world-famous acrobats until 10th March 2019. Its theme is the phoenix, who resurrects from its ashes. To symbolize this, they are lighting the whole podium on fire.

Budapest nightlife

If you are looking for programs to do during the night, we have great news for you, because Budapest is the capital city of crazy parties. You don’t have to go far from your accommodation to find a great ruin pub or bar. In the city center there are numerous famous places that you can visit if you are longing for famous DJs or singers, as many times foreign celebrities come to perform to Budapest. Do you want to go to a mind-boggling after party? Most party places are waiting for you with opening hours lasting until dawn.

Things to do in Budapest in March


Do you consider yourself the next Sherlock Holmes and you have your Watson(s)? If you like escape-rooms you are in the right place. Budapest has many escape-rooms in various themes, like zombie apocalypse, hospital, or different horror movies. This activity is also a popular one among local Hungarian youth or companies, as it can serve as the perfect team building activity.

All things considered, Budapest offers you exciting activities in March as well. It doesn’t matter if you like sports, festivals, concerts, pubs or cultural activities, you will undoubtedly find the perfect match for your and your team’s taste.

Budapest Drink Prices


Do you like to go out to have some fun-time with your friends in a pub or a bar?  Would you like to celebrate something or just to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the nights in Budapest? You have thousands of opportunities to taste delicious Hungarian craft beers, local wines, strong shots or cocktails.

Have you heard about pálinka before? It is a strong traditional Hungarian liquor made from real hand-picked fruit and it usually has an alcohol content around 50%. You cannot visit a real Hungarian house party or gathering from where the pálinka is missing. Even if it is traditional, many youth prefer to have it before they go out to party. If you have a chance, don’t miss it.

Would you like to learn about the famous Budapest drink prices? Read on to get to know more about the from-to prices of each beverage, depending on the location of the venue.

Budapest drink prices

No matter where you go, you will definitely bump into a bar or a ruin pub. However, there are serious differences between drink prices based on the location and the target audience of these places.

Drink prices in Budapest in the city center

As everywhere else on the world, the city center of Budapest is more expensive than the outskirts. You need to expect higher drink prices in these bars, as they attract more people from many countries. As Hungary is using the internationally accepted metric system, we are going to list the prices in deciliters and liters. Just to be on the safe side, 1 dl=0.211 pints.

Hungarian beer prices: These 4 or 5 dl drinks usually cost around 700-800 Forints (Soproni, Borsodi, Aranyászok, Kőbányai)

Hungarian craft beer prices: Around 900-1000 Forints

Wine prices: Around 400-800 Forints/dl

Spritzer: white wine with sparkling water, sometimes they also flavor it with different syrups- around 500-600 Fts/dl

Long-drinks, like whiskey with Coke or vodka with orange juice or some other fruit juice, sometimes with Sprite: 900-1200 Fts

Cocktails: 1500 FTs for a Mojito, 2000 Fts for a Sex on the beach. Other cocktails are above this price.

Shots: Vodka, Whiskey, Unicum, Jagermaister, Tequila around 700 Fts/3cl

Hungarian pálinka: 900-1200 Fts/3cl

Budapest drink prices out of the city center

Hungarian beer prices: These 4 or 5 dl drinks usually cost around 350-400 Forints (Soproni, Borsodi, Aranyászok, Kőbányai)

Hungarian craft beer prices: Around 600-7000 Forints

Wine prices: Around 150-400 Forints/dl

Spritzer: white wine with sparkling water, sometimes they also flavor it with different syrups- around 300-400 Fts/dl

Long-drinks, like whiskey with Coke or vodka with orange juice or some other fruit juice, sometimes with Sprite: 500-600 Fts

Cocktails: 700 FTs for a Mojito, 12000 Fts for a Sex on the beach. Other cocktails are above this price.

Shots: Vodka, Whiskey, Unicum, Jagermaister, Tequila around 350-500 Fts/3cl

Hungarian pálinka: 400-500 Fts/3cl

Cocktail prices in Budapest

Are you ready to do a pub-crawl with your friends? Now that you are aware of the prices, you can easily prepare for your night-outs and evening programs money-wise. Ruin pubs are quite popular in Hungary, so don’t be surprised by the high number of them around the city. Obviously, if you are looking for a party place where you can dance, there are abundant opportunities in Budapest as well.

A piece of Hungarian history: The Royal Castle in Buda

Buda Castle Budapest

The Hungarian Royal Castle in Budapest is situated on the Buda-side of the Danube river, in the Castle district of the city. This gorgeous castle is the home of many festivities and events in the Hungarian capital city, like the annual Wine Festival, and the Festival of Folk Arts among others. So it is a perfect place to visit, when there are some festivals, for some Hungarian wine- and beer-tasting.

The castle was subjected to many renovations, flourished during different eras and rulers. In this article you are going to read about the short history of the Buda Castle and all of the interesting activities you can do when you visit this place.

Royal Palace in Buda

History of the Buda Castle in Budapest

The construction of the gothic-styled palace started in the middle of the 1300’s, but the building has only been totally finished in the late 1400’s. It served as the home of the Hungarian Royal family for hundreds of years. The castle had its heyday during the reign of famous King Mathias, who put a great effort into the re-designing of the palace. Basically, this was the first adopter of the Italian renaissance style, years before it spread to the Northern regions of Europe, like Poland or the Czech Republic. After the death of King Mathias, the castle was taken over by the Turks during the Turkish invasion of Hungary in 1541.

During the efforts to take back the castle from the Turks, a significant part of the original palace had been destroyed. Finally, after the expulsion of the Turks from Hungary, the castle again got into Hungarian hands in 1686. In the Revolution of 1848 the castle served as the military center. In the era of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, they started the complete renovation of the castle, when they also added the Danube-facing dome to the building.

During World War I. it served as the home of governor Miklós Horthy, while it became a battleground during World War II. again. The castle reached today’s grandeur by 1989, till they finished the establishment of the National Széchényi Library, the Hungarian National Gallery and several historical museums.

Buda Castle Budapest

Things to do in the Buda Castle

There is a super-fun way to get up to the Castle, as it is situated on a top of the Buda hill. The Buda Hill Funicular will take you up to the palace, so you can save some energy for yourself to get around the premises without having to climb stairs. The line was opened in 1870 and it leaves from the Széchényi bride, on the Buda-side of the city.

As we mentioned earlier, the Hungarian National Gallery can also be found here. It has a stunning view over the Danube and the whole city. It offers insights into Hungarian national folk art and national art, but there are international masterpieces as well. Most probably the pieces from the 18th and 19th century get the biggest popularity among all creations, as they visualize the intense historical events of that era.

There are many monuments and statues that you may want to visit during your stay. There is the Csongor and Tünde statue, which displays the characters from a famous Hungarian novel. What is more, you can find a statue of György Dózsa, a Hungarian military leader, another one about Prince Jenő Savoyai and the list could go on with the names of many other famous Hungarians.

There is the Castle Garden Bazaar, which gives home to numerous plays, movies, exhibitions and events. Before you visit Budapest, it worth taking a look into the scheduled programs to see if there are any in English to cater the needs of foreign visitors.

All things considered, The Buda Castle in Budapest is a perfect place for you and your friends if you would like to learn something about European history, art and culture. Moreover, there is no doubt that this magnificent palace will amaze you with the view of the city of Budapest lying all around you.


The world’s third biggest capitol building: The Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

This extraordinary buildup is one of the most well-known capitol buildings on the world. Moreover, it happens to be the third biggest all around the globe. If you already had enough party in Budapest, and you are looking for a cultural activity, you cannot miss this one. Read this article if you would like to know more about its history, function and activities it provides today.

The history of the Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament is situated right next to the Danube river in the heart of Budapest, in the 5th district. Its construction started in 1885, based on the plans of Imre Steindl, who is a famous architect in Europe. The whole building was built in baroque and eclectic style, however the minute details show the signs of neo-Gothicism. It was an important aspect during its construction to use only Hungarian materials to boost the economy at the same time. The only exceptions are the 8 6-meter-high marble columns next to the main stairs, as those were brought here from Sweden.

Hungarian Parliament

The central dome is 96 meters high, which symbolizes the first millennium of the settlement of the Magyars in Hungary, which dates back to 896. It has 365 smaller towers, which stands for each day in a year. The capitol has also been a victim of World War II. and the Revolution of 1956, as dozens of bullet-holes were visible on the outside of the building. During a reconstruction in 2013, the architects renovated these parts, but left behind a small area around a few windows that look towards the Kossuth Square, to remind us to its difficult history. The Parliament has become a member of the World-heritage sites in 2011.

The function of the Parliament in Budapest today

The Hungarian capitol building gives home to the Hungarian parliament, that assembles in the lower house, which is in the Southern part of the building. The upper house is open for tourists, conferences and special receptions. There has been a major renovation on the Danube-facing side of the building. They finished it in 2009, after 21 long years of renewal.

Budapest parliament

Activities waiting for you in the Hungarian capitol

Since 2000, the original coronation jewelry can be found in the capitol building. The Saint Crown, the Imperial orb and the Scepter are all exhibited here, open for tourists. All year round, almost 700.000 visitors would like to get a glimpse of the Hungarian Parliament building from the inside. You will have a chance to book a guided tour during your travels in Budapest in the Visitor Center at the northern-part of Kossuth Square. You can book your guided tour and purchase a ticket on the official website. It worth a visit if your hotel is somewhere nearby, as there are many famous hotels in the area, not to mention the delicious food offers if the 5th district.

Sights to see inside

In the earlier salon of the President of the Hungarian Republic, you can find the most beautiful mahogany furniture decorated with the world-famous Hungarian Zsolnay china. Furthermore, in the Munkácsy-room, named after one of the greatest Hungarian artists Mihály Munkácsy, you can see the original piece of his greatest paintings about the settlement of Magyars in the Carpathian Basin. Moreover, many rooms and columns are covered in 22-24k gold, which is a breathtaking sight all by itself.

All things considered, if you are a history-lover and would like to have sneak-peek into the finest of Hungarian architecture, we definitely recommend you to visit the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. It offers many adventures, historical and cultural insights into the formation of the Hungarian nation. If you only would like to admire the building from a distance, you should go to the other, Buda-side of the Danube for a mesmerizing view.