Most of the people can remember the best beer they ever had (and sometimes even the worst one). Or at least where they drank it. When we think about fine beer we think about the Chez Republic, Germany, Belgium and England. However when we mention Hungary’s drink palette we think of pálinka and wine rather then beer. Even though the Hungarians are not specifically known as a brewing nation, they have some tricks up their sleves.

The brewing history of the Hungarians

Even though it sounds unbelievable, it is true; the Hungarians have been brewing since the Árpád –era (around 1000). Fast-forward to the 19th century and brewing guilds have appeared in Pest and Buda. There were times when Kőbánya was famous for its wine, but soon they started calling it the “Hungarian Munich” and the “Hungarian Pilsen”. These nicknames were the proof that the brewers were doing a fine job in their chilly cellars.

A man named Schmidt Peter (who learned brewing from the best in Munich) started the Kőbánya Beer-house Company (Kőbányai Serház Társaságot) in 1854. He chose this area because of their cellars, which is the perfect place for brewing. Later on an Austrian gentleman Antal Dreher took over the beer-house. His ancestors were brewers and he also finished his studies in Munich.

For the beginning of the 20th century, brewing became very popular in Hungary. So much that 4 beer-houses had been built by that time and Antal Dreher owned one of them.

The world of pub crawling

If you are a tourist in Budapest you need to ‘taste’ the Hungarian culture, their specialties in food as well as their phenomenal drinks. Don’t just read about it, live it!

We have a great offer for you: if you don’t yet know your way around the place, take part in an organized pub crawl.

Because there are so many pubs and bars all over Budapest it’s quit hard to find the really good ones. It is very easy to just go to the nearest place but that would mean that you would miss so many opportunities. Would you dare to oversight the other amazing places? Of course not, so why not take part in a pub crawl and have a native guide You and your friends around. This guru of the nightlife will take You to the most amazing places in Budapest where you can eat, drink and have fun.

What’s great about these tours that the locations and places are chosen carefully so that you will have an unforgettable adventurous night.  There are just enough pubs in the program to have time to enjoy them but don’t get bored. The great thing about organized pub crawls is that you don’t have to worry about a single thing, the organizers will take care of everything for you.

Instant and Fogas for example are very popular places to drink and dance the night away, you will surely get to see them and live the experience.

Craft beers with characteristic taste

Like many other countries in the world, Hungary got also caught up in making craft beers. Nowadays it’s very trendy to make and drink them. In the 21th century it is almost compulsory for the pubs and bars (even the posh ones) to have them on their shelves. Usually supermarkets also sell craft beers so it nearly impossible to miss them.

Budapest has a lot of places that offer craft beers, Király utca and Gozsdu Courtyard for example. The secret of these beverages is that they are made very carefully, the ingredients are more peculiar and they most like to have a special taste compared to the mass-produced beers. Usually all the craft beer makers have their chosen own taste, the most popular ones are the fruity beers but there are some with chocolate and coffee aroma. They have a higher alcohol content that the mercantile ones, around 5-10%. This is equal to what the Belgian beers have.

Have a craft hamburger with these flavorsome beers at Traveler-s Bistro at Akácfa Street. They have burgers that are worth dying for!