Budapest is waiting for you with unforgettable parties. Embrace relaxation and enjoy the alcohol-infused atmosphere in the middle of the Hungarian night. If you are taking part in a Budapest city break and looking for some adventure at night, you definitely need to visit the most famous clubs, ruin pubs and Budapest bars. Let’s take a look at the best clubs of the Hungarian capital now, so you can choose which one you want to visit during your stay.

The best Budapest bars and clubs

Budapest bars and clubs

Budapest Park

Budapest Park is a party complex with 3 different stages. This venue encompasses different kinds of programs targeting kids during the day or adults and teenagers with concerts and well-known artists from all around the world at night.

The center if the Budapest Park is the Main Stage, which can welcome 10.000 visitors for each performance. As the Park is the biggest entertainment-center in Europe, it awaits the fun-lovers with huge LED screens, high-tech sound, and light system. The stage transforms into a dancefloor while DJs are playing the most popular music, and people are dancing until dawn.


The Akvárium Club is located in the heart of the city in the most frequented district. As a result, it can be easily approached by public transportation or on foot from the biggest hotels. This place not only serves as a party place for youngsters but also gives place to classical music concerts, plays, conferences, and the greatest Hungarian and foreign performers.

This venue also has more stages, bars, and a café. Moreover, visitors can admire the elegant design, decoration, and architecture of the building.

You can also meet with many artists who you would normally meet during a festival, like Sziget Festival in August. For instance, Lost Frequencies, La Fleur, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Soulwave or Markus Shultz.

Morrison’s 2

If you want to take the plunge into the Budapest nightlife, Morrison’s 2 awaits you with parties basically on each day of the week. They have themed, retro, beer-pong or even karaoke parties all year long. There are nights with unlimited alcohol consumption, or you can sometimes meet with ticket discounts for women or for men, based on the theme of the current party.

It is located not so far from the river Danube on the Szent István circuit, where you can catch the first tram conveniently after the sun came up.

Budapest nightlife clubs

Dürer Garden

The Dürer Garden is located next to the Public Park, near Hőrök Tere (Heroes’ Square). The Dürer Garden gives a home to numerous alternative-style concerts. There are many bands from Hungary, but many times you can meet with foreign performers, like Larkin Poe from the USA, or Napoleon from England.

The concerts are also staged in different halls within the venue. They have a great and a small hall, while during the summer there are many open-air performances out in the garden. The capacity of the garden is 1000 visitors, while the halls inside are perfect for live concerts and electro parties. As the garden is connected to the halls, it a great extension for the party place when there is full-house. If you become hungry during a crazy party, there is a bar and a buffet nearby.

360 Rooftop Bar

The 360 Bar is situated on a rooftop on the famous Andrássy shopping street in Budapest. If you want to take part in the Budapest nightlife and observe the beautiful cityscape with a delicious drink in your hand, while listening to super music, this is the right place for you.

This winter, they have invented something new, something unseen so far. They have put up 8 igloos on the rooftop, which are heated when the weather is chilly. It is a very unique and special experience, to sit in a transparent and warm igloo with your friends during your Budapest city break and talk about life or just to get ready for the upcoming party.

Obviously, there are many concerts and parties that you can attend with your friends when you visit Budapest. The lineup ranges from alternative, electro, minimal and other artists of various styles.

Instant Club

Now, let’s talk about ruin pubs. As you may already know, Budapest is famous for its diverse nightlife and different types of entertainment opportunities. The city is full of ruin pubs, one of these, which happens to be the biggest of all, is called Instant.

The Instant Club is a surreal place, with legendary decoration. There are wide-ranged performances, ranging from classical music through dance until the wildest techno. It is open from 6 AM in the morning, and it welcomes all generations with its various programs and artists. Entrance is free. Furthermore, you can surrender yourself to the music on the venue’s 4 dancefloors and have some street food when you become hungry.

ruin pub Budapest


Gozsdu Courtyard is situated in downtown Budapest and is one of the most dynamically improving entertainment centers. It is literally a courtyard, where you can find numerous bars and clubs facing towards the same area. They not only have concerts and performances during the day and the night but they also occasionally have small markets and art workshops. It provides an extraordinary experience with its colorful styles and events.

Due to its cosmopolitan location, the courtyard attracts around 900.000 visitors annually. You can taste the Hungarian gastronomy, learn about the culture, taste the most famous wines and listen to the best Hungarian and foreign artists of various styles.

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is a ruin pub to the core. The place is decorated with all kinds of furniture, old vehicle parts, old discs, and with other ornaments, that you have never thought it could serve as a bar decoration. This place is famous all around the city due to its original style, location, and performers.

They also welcome almost one million visitors a year and entertain them with more than 200 live concerts. They organize the whole bar around sustainability, and they emphasize the importance of eco-friendliness and creating a culture and lifestyle in which we can peacefully coexist with the flora and fauna. Due to this policy, you can find many-many flowers and greens around the venue.

You not only find rock bands and other artists here but other adventures as well, as Szimpla Kert gives a home to a local market, where you can purchase the goods of Hungarian farmers.

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We hope that you have learned a lot about the most popular and the best party places in Budapest. Don’t forget that it does not matter if you prefer a cozy bar with some ambient music for a couple of drinks or if you want to lose yourself and fall in a trance while dancing to some crazy alternative music, Budapest has plenty of places to offer for your entertainment.