Budapest, the Central European capital of fun, has so many activities to offer all year round for those who visit the city. Travelers can find cultural, folklore, gourmet, music and sports events for the entertainment. Moreover, there are numerous exhibitions, fairs or national festivals that worth a visit when you are in Hungary. Let’s take a look!

Budapest Festivals in spring

Spring is one of the best seasons, as the nice smell of the blossoming trees lingers around the city. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, which lures locals and tourists outdoors. If you visit Budapest during spring here are the one you should consider visiting:

Spring Festival

This event is held from the end of March until the end of April. This annual festival pulls together the best local musicians and those of surrounding countries. The city celebrated its 38th event in 2018, and they are planning to have an even bigger performer lineup than this year. This event is held on multiple locations, so instead of squeezing all 50 performers into one concert hall, the various events take place in different cultural building around the city, for instance, the Budapest Jazz Club, or the Opera House.

Rosalia – Rosé Festival

rosé festival

This Budapest festival takes place in Városliget, the greatest park in the heart of the capital city. It only lasts for a weekend, usually on the second weekend of May. During this festival, people can taste the best rosé wines of the Hungarian wineries. This is the only Hungarian event which is dedicated to only rosé wines. It well worth a visit if you are fond of this delicious alcoholic beverage.

Belgian Beer Festival

Even though these kinds of beers are not made in the country, Hungarians are also like Belgian beers due to their flavor and high-quality. This event takes place in Bálna, next to the river Danube, in a real state-of-the-art center, and it only lasts for 2 days. There is an entrance fee, but the ticket is valid for all days, and it includes a glass and a couple of beers to try. This year the visitors could taste more than 200 types of Belgian beer from the offer of around 43 breweries.

Budapest festival for gourmets

The Gourmet festival is also held in May, usually around the time of the Beer and Rosé fair. So it worth to visit the city at this time of the year, as you can taste so many kinds of food and drinks in a vast amount of flavors. The venue is the Milennáris park, and the aim of this gastro event is to bring together the cream of the Hungarian wineries, distillers, restaurants, and confectioners. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks, traditional or international food.

Budapest festivals in summer

Summer is the most popular season for a superb holiday and sightseeing tour. If you visit Budapest during this season, do consider visiting some of these festivities in-between your other activities.

Danube Carnival

This carnival takes place at different locations, mostly on the Danube promenade, Margaret island, and Vörösmarty square. It is a real art and music festival, which is held in June. Contemporary artists, local and foreign folklore performers entertain the viewers, while they celebrate the joy of life, dance, and music. There are thousands of artists representing the customs and traditions of more than 15 nations.

Danube carnival

Craft-beer festival

In opposition to the Belgian beer festival, on this event, you can only taste Hungarian flavors from Hungarian breweries. Its objective is to bring beer lovers and makers together and to make the Hungarian flavors even more popular. This event also takes place in the City Park, the Városliget, and is held at the beginning of June. As normally the country is not known from its brews, rather from its hearty wines, it is still a great opportunity to find your favorite form the offer of more than 50 companies.

Sziget Festival

Sziget festival is the greatest music event in the country. It attracts thousands of travelers from all around the world. Distance is not a problem if someone really loves great and quality entertainment, and a huge alcohol offer on relatively great prices. The lineup is improving every year, as the budget spent on artists keeps increasing. David Guetta, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Borgore, W&W and Afrojack are just a couple of huge international names from the list of artists of previous years.

As you can see the Hungarian capital city has so much to offer for its visitors. The list could go on for a long time, so we separated the festivals into two groups. In the next article, we will introduce Budapest festivals during fall and winter, so you will get a detailed description of events in order to plan your holiday beforehand.