If you haven’t thought of football as an entertaining sport, you were wrong. Try bubble football, also known, as bubbleball and your opinion will change. This sport (which has elements from football and zorbing) will give you and your friends fun times worth remembering. You will gain unforgettable moments, cool stories and the next session won’t come fast enough!

Bubble football is originated in Norway and at first no one took it seriously. Started out as a joke but after a few years it outgrew itself. This fun game (which can also function as a high intensity training) quickly gained lots of fans. It also has its own championships now in a lot of countries. It can be a great team-building program, a fun weekend plan, fitness camp option or even an awesome friends and family gathering activity. The biggest news yet concerning bubble football was their number one fans: the FC Barcelona team! Their season closing practice was played with plastic bubbles and we don’t even have to add: they loved this new sensation.

What are the rules of bubble football?

The usual football rules are applied here as well; it has a kick-off and the goal is the same: score as many points as you can by getting the ball in to the enemy’s hoop. There is no keeper here, whoever stands the closest to the hoop has to defend it. Here comes the twist: every player is wearing in a gigantic plastic bubble (weighting circa 10 kilos). These bubbles cover you until your knees and they make running around in them, dodging and passing the ball harder and way different to what you are used to. It’s also much funnier, because from a distance it seems as if sumo wrestlers in huge plastic bubbles are running around on the field. Yes, you are reading it correctly: you can not only run by your enemy you can also dodge them, hit them or make them roll on their heads’.

Bubble football doesn’t need any serious preparations and you don’t need to work out beforehand. Gender doesn’t matter and the football is totally safe, even if you put all your energy into the game, the bubble will protect you and no harm will come to you. This is the only game in the world where there are no rules and no action is prohibited.

However we would like to point out some important information in case you would like to try out bubble football:

  •       Children under 5 cannot play
  •       The maximum capacity of the bubble is 90 kilos
  •       It is not advised if you are pregnant or recovering from an operation
  •       High blood pressure, epilepsy or heart condition are excluding
  •       It is forbidden to play if you have consumed alcohol or drugs
  •       You mustn’t wear anything that could cause harm while you are in the bubble (objects that are sharp or spiky)

Bubble football in Budapest

Would you like to try out bubble football in the capital city of Hungary? It’s a great idea and we will also help you to organize it your only task will be to enjoy the game. Recruit the team, decide when and how many of you would like to play and leave the rest to us. We will arrange the field to play on, provide the equipment – the bubbles and the ball – and even a referee (a judge) so you don’t have to be one. You will only need to bring workout shoes, a jumper and good mood.

Bubble football can be a funny experience for the players and the spectators as well, it’s an awesome group activity and it can make the boring weekdays lot more fun.

When and where to play bubble football

  •       With friends and family
  •       With your colleges as team building
  •       On boring weekends
  •       During stag parties
  •       At training camp
  •       Instead of workouts
  •       Before or after the workouts
  •       On school trips
  •       During festivals

Reevaluate your opinion on football, because bubble football is way more fun than you have ever thought before. It’s a safe activity for both adults and children where you don’t get a yellow card for dodging you enemy. Hustling and pushing is a compulsory part and not at all frowned upon. Come and try bubble football out in Budapest!

Try it: https://bubble-football-budapest.com/