Hungary is famous for its cuisine, and strong alcoholic drinks all around the world. However, there are many more tasty specialties and sweets you need to try during your visit to Budapest. When you get hungry because of the long sightseeing tours and other interesting activities, visit these places to refresh yourself and to taste the real Hungarian experience.

Tasty things to try in Budapest

1. Rose-shaped ice cream

When the first ice-cream shop opened in Hungary, which sold rose-shaped, delicious ice-creams, the whole world became obsessed with them. Images of these beautiful creations went viral, it almost exploded the internet. Nowadays, these places are still very popular, as people are standing in long queues to enjoy this special Hungarian treat.

These roses are usually created from 3 different flavors, so you don’t have to worry about choosing one flavor over others.

rose-shaped ice cream Budapest

2. Chimney cake stuffed with ice cream and other delicacies

Chimney cake is by far one of the most delicious sweet street food of Hungary. It is sweet pastry, shaped like a chimney, or a tube (this time like a cone), which is traditionally baked over charcoal. Then, while still hot, it’s sprinkled with coconut, walnut, peanut, cinnamon, or cocoa. If this would not be enough, a couple of years ago chimney cakes stuffed with ice-cream became popular. The ice-cream cone is now replaced with this sweet pastry, then they usually pour some chocolate syrup or whipped cream on top. This is what I call phenomenal!

chimney cake ice cream

3. Things to try in Budapest: prepare your own food in a restaurant!

Another special experience that Budapest has to offer to you, is a DIY dinner at a restaurant. Reserve a table and choose a dish you would like to try. When you are on the spot, you will have a chance to make your own food from high-quality ingredients with an instructor who also helps you to serve the food nicely. A little bit of cream here, a little bit of sauce there, and your food is ready to eat. I’ve always thought that the best food you can eat is the one you make for yourself, and now, here is the chance!

4. Hungarian pancakes with meat

I know that this sounds bizarre for the first to foreigners, but European pancakes served with meat are indeed delicious Hungarian specialties. You cannot find these in any other country in the world. The Hungarian pancakes are thin, light, and larger than the American ones (you may call this type a crêpe). Instead of sweets, like cocoa, Nutella or jam, we sometimes put ground meat into the pancakes, fold them, glaze them with sour cream and finally sprinkle with some cheese. For all foodies out there it is a must when you are looking for tasty things to try in Budapest.

pancakes with meat

5. TúróRudi

TúróRudi is something that you can buy in the stores, you cannot make this at home. It is a kind of chocolate, which is filled with cottage cheese, thus needs to be kept in the refrigerator. It is a perfect choice for hot days when you are yearning for something sweet, but not too heavy. The Hungarian cottage cheese is totally different from the one foreigners have in their country, so don’t judge this one without trying it. Most of the time, when Hungarians move abroad they start to miss this treat and ask their relatives to take some with them when they come to visit.

These are just a few delicacies from the dozens of Hungarian specialties you can stumble across during your stay. We definitely recommend you to try these ones, as they help you to experience the real Hungarian taste of life!